Bass Music DJ/Producer Looking for a Community

2016-10-02 07:10:32 by Fluff69

Hey Newgrounds,

Im looking for a community to share my music with, and i hope that community is you!  This account is New and could use some help! =]

Im a Heavy Bass Music Producer and DJ=]

I just submitted 2 New Tracks that i hope some of you will enjoy and check out =3




Much love, if any of you reading produce or dj and would like to reach out please do!  Especially if you like Heavy Bass Music Like me =3


You can Check out My Dubstep Mixes at - If you like headbanging and Low Bass that is <3




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2016-10-02 08:25:17

Great stuff so far! BTW noticed you created this to replace your 2008 account - would you have wanted to simply rename your 2008 account to Fluff69 or do you prefer to have a complete fresh start?

Fluff69 responds:

I would honestly rather prefer to have a complete fresh start =] Ill be changing this accounts name to just FLUFF soon as well. That 2008 account must have been from when i was 15-16 years old and i'm now 24. lots of growing since those years haha. I am in the process of cleaning up the older accounts and mitigating things i want to keep and things i want to bury forever.

Seriously though, Thank you for the Response Tom! It means alot that you out of everyone has reached out to me first <3